Saturday, 4 October 2014

All About Autumn!!!

           As you know, we are now in October! October is my favourite month for many reasons:

One - It's my birthday! I get presents and eat cake and get to spend loads of time with family and friends. This year I'm having a Homemade Carrot Cake (I usually have a taste-the-difference Chocolate Cake), so I'm really excited. My main present this year is a gorgeous typewriter that was made in 1951. It is absolutely beautiful!

Two - The Weather. I completely and utterly love chilly mornings when you have to stuff your hands in your pocket and zip your coat up all the way, when you can see your breath form clouds around your face and when your one, true relief from the cold atmosphere is a warm cup of tea. I like it when grey clouds coat the sky and it looks like it is made from stone. The evenings get dark earlier and make everything cosier.

Three - Sweater Weather. I get to wear jumpers and boots and scarves and my parka. I love wearing slipper socks around the house and getting cosy under a blanket. I love autumn colours like maroon and purple and black and brown. I just really like thick, comfortable clothes that are socially acceptable to wear outside in winter!

Four - Autumn Food! I get to eat jacket potatoes, sweet potato wedges, roast vegetables, roast dinners, Pies for dessert and most importantly, my favourite Autumn Cookies - they aren't strictly seasonal, but I think that these biscuits taste so much better in cold weather!

Five - The Bus. I go on the bus four days a week to get home from School, so I'm pretty much an expert. I will do a post about things I do and don't like about the Bus, but for now this is all you'll get. I find the bus really boring in the summer because it's hot and stuffy and generally not very comfortable; however, in Autumn and Winter the heating is incredible and I actually feel quite relaxed. My music out of my headphones seem to sound better too. Bastille on the Bus is brilliant.

So, those are the things I really like about Autumn! My next few posts will probably be about a similar theme, I'm thinking about sharing my Biscuit recipes - they aren't mine, but the recipes aren't that clear, so I'll elaborate more - and telling you about my experiences on the Bus.

Farewell Stranger(s),
Issy xxx