Thursday, 18 September 2014


           If you are reading this you have stumbled across my little blog. I will fill this blog with my ramblings about life! I am a teenage girl, however I am not an expert at everything I do. I am not one of those girls on the internet who will appear to be perfect and have her life together. I am a clumsy, unorganized and unattractive girl who spends her time laughing, humming along to her current favourite song- Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips, in case you were wondering ;)- at that moment , watching movies and tv, spending far too much of her day on the internet, reading, talking to anyone who happens to be nearby and generally just wasting her days away.
           I will inform you on which songs are in my current playlist and how my week/day has gone. You will get to hear about all the gory details of my life, and more! I will share tutorials that I have 'mastered'- yeah right. I might even write short stories and tell you about my schoolwork. Basically, I wanted my first, ever, post to explain what this blog is.
This blog may never be read. People might not be interested in my life, however this isn’t for anybody else but me. It’s not as if I have hundreds of followers begging my to let them into my life. I just want to make a mark; I don’t mind what impact it has, big or microscopic, at least I can say it is mine.

Farewell Stranger(s),
Issy xxxx


  1. Hi there, Issy (: You left a question on my post about Ideal Bloggers. I would love to properly explain it to you. Maybe you could email me?
    Also, you just took your first step in gathering an audience! I'm going to be your latest follower :D Looking forward to new posts.

  2. Hello Catalina :) I will email you in a little while. Thank you for responding, I'm still trying to understand this blogging thing, haha. Yay! New Follower :D I will probably post in a few days, but I might post my short story scene that I wrote at school.

    From Issy x :)