Sunday, 21 September 2014

Why I am bored of School ALREADY!

          Today I have been overwhelmed with homework, much like last weekend. I have been writing essays, designing money boxes, memorizing French vocabulary and more. I am exhausted!! I have been told the legend of the relaxing weekend and don't believe a word of it! I have ten minutes of peace then I realize that there is homework due in tomorrow.
          In my opinion, I think we should spend more time in school and have later starting times. I think it will allow for pupils to get more sleep and learn more. It doesn't affect me that much, despite my moaning, because- according to my friends- I am an all-day person. I'm not cranky in the morning or evening. I can stay up until 3 am reading and be perfectly fine when I wake up at 6:45 am for school. 
         I am bored of school already, because over the 6 week holiday I forgot about all the annoying things that are a daily occurrence at school. I forgot that you have to queue for ten minutes to go to the bathroom, I forgot that everybody else is half asleep and walk around like zombies and I don't know how I forgot, but I did, that when the new year sevens arrive they run around screaming like they own the place. I wish our school provided 'year 7 free area' stickers that we could attach to our seats at lunch! 
          I have weird habits that occur at school, such as plaiting my hair when I'm bored in Geography, drumming my fingers on the table when I'm unsure or confused and more. These are signs of my boredom and lack of attention. Obviously, I still take in the information and work hard at school, however I sometimes lack enthusiasm. 
          Learning can be exciting and interesting, but teachers don't seem to understand that. They are quite happy to give you a textbook and expect you to be enjoy answering the same, boring questions. If we were asked to act out scenes from History or read a novel about a mathematician that included sums or test out Scientific theories, I think that teenagers would enjoy learning more and engage in what lessons. 
         This year we have new teachers and classes. The strong have been separated from the weak and I appreciate that. I feel like I am actually focusing.  I am really enjoying Science and English. However, in Maths and Geography we have teachers that are new to the school and handing out consequences willy-nilly! They aren't very friendly and are just irritating. They give us homework due in for the next day, despite the one-week average and blatantly don't understand our school systems. I wish we could keep them behind at break to revise the unwritten school rules that EVERYBODY FOLLOWS!

Farewell strangers,

Issy xxxx


  1. Hello Issy! :) Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! Yours is very nice, too! I plait my hair when I'm bored as well! And when I'm nervous... x Yasmine | Cloudy Dreams

  2. Hello Yasmine! Your welcome, yours is much better than mine though :) Haha, I look like a complete weirdo when I'm bored, I look like I have dreadlocks!

    Issy x

  3. Hey! I love blog and you seem very much like me! - Except you write loads on yours.. I can't seem to find what to write, I find lists and stuff easier!! Evie x

  4. Haha x thank you so much Evie! Your blog is so much better than mine! I love your lists!

    Issy x